A responsible security guard must be very quick on their feet. They must have excellent reaction time and be able to quickly assess and react to potentially hazardous situations. Quick reactions can mean the difference between life and death.

Responsibilities of a Professional Security Guard

Good security guard training will teach the individual how to act in critical situations. It will also train the individual on how to properly react in different types of dangerous conditions. Training for a guard to react to gunfire or burglary is no different than training for a police officer. The only difference is that the security guard must be in a much more hazardous and threatening environment to be trained in these two types of emergencies. A police officer may arrive at the scene of a crime with limited time to make a decision as to how he is going to act and what he is going to do.

Characteristics of a Professional Security Guard

A security guard has many different scenarios that may require him to make quick decisions. Some of these choices can include entering a bank or building to investigate a break-in. Another decision he must make is when to engage a person and where he is going to stop and help them. The safety of his employees is important to him, so he must have a fast decisive response time. He also must keep in mind that he may be confronting a suspect who has just committed a felony or is a criminal fugitive.

There are a variety of physical characteristics that are required for security guard training. All security guards must be in good physical shape. This means they should not be overweight or underweight. Some security guards have problems with their back so they may need to invest in a training collar or some type of support for their back. If a security guard has difficulty with their upper body strength, they may want to consider taking a training course for body control.

First Aid Training

Basic first aid training should be part of the standard requirements for a security guard. Basic first aid techniques include CPR, which is an action to attempt to revive a person if they are unconscious. Another technique used by security officers is the “correction” technique. In this technique, corrections are made to prevent further injury or harm from occurring.

Fast Responses

A security guard must be able to react quickly when there is a threat to his employee or client. Therefore, security guard training involves intensive psychological and physical assessments. Guards are usually confronted with situations where they must make split-second decisions. In these situations, the security guard must know how to act and what to do in order to maintain law and order and protect his people.

The Importance of Security

As part of their security guard training, security guards must learn the proper reporting procedures and laws that are in place regarding break-ins and theft. They must have good observation skills and be able to identify suspects. They must be able to determine the type of weapon used and to take precautions against the possibility of danger. Security guards must also learn how to use their skills to apprehend suspects. If they are not trained properly, security officials may fail to effectively respond to an incident.

As you can see, a security guard’s job is a very important one. With the increasing frequency of crime around the world, security guard training is becoming more important than ever. In today’s environment, there are many dangers that can unfold right in front of you. Whether at home, the office, shopping, in a bank, at a concert or dancing at a nightclub or party. Specialist Response Unit is the best option for security services in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. They offer customised solutions for any event, property or bodyguard services for personal protection.